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​Woodland Hills/Calabasas, CA


An Information Booklet has also been placed in each rental for guests to review upon check-in. Your host has personally decorated each unit in a unique theme furnished with  one of a kind collectible items and turned her estate into a tropical paradise graciously shared with guests from all around the world. In turn, we ask that you respect your host and the property and abide by the rules set forth in this informational booklet. Violations of rules will be charged against your security deposit with amount of fines determined by owner.
AMENITIES:  All common area amenities are for guests use. Since our guests come from all time zones, we allow 24/7 use as long as other guests are not disturbed. 
BBQ:  Supplies are kept inside BBQ drawers. Never bring unit dishes, glasses, etc. outdoors which can be broken or lost. Buy paper cups, plates, etc. for outdoor eating and drinking. Clean BBQ immediately after use in respect for the next guest. Throw trash in appropriate cans in trash area located inside bamboo doors across from the pool.

CANDLES:  Only flameless candles allowed

CHECK-IN:  Starting at 3:00 PM. No early check in without hosts advance approval. 
You will only use the host’s private West side pedestrian gate twice- upon your initial arrival and final departure. 

CHECK-OUT:  No later than 11:00 AM or strict late fees $25/30 min. apply! 
You will only use the host’s private West side pedestrian gate twice- upon your initial arrival and final departure. 

CHILDREN:  Never leave small children unattended outdoors especially in pool/spa areas. Professional nanny service referrals provided.

COUPONS:  We offer guests discount coupons for dining, entertainment, attractions, car rental and more as per availability. Come to our office during business hours for coupons.

COFFEEMAKERS:  We have placed permanent reusable filters inside the filter holder so guests do not need to buy disposable coffee filters. After each use remove permanent filter from filter holder, dump coffee grounds in trash can and rinse out. Never throw permanent filter out!

DISCOUNTS:  No discounts are offered for any reason as we stay booked solid. Keep in mind when you book through us direct you get the LOWEST PRICE!

DISHES:  All dishes, pots, pans, silverware, etc. must be washed, dried, and put away in their original location in the cupboard prior to your departure as it is not included in housekeeping duties. There is a $25 special service charge for dishes.

ELECTRONICS:  Additional multiple outlets have been installed to avoid unplugging our electrical items.

EMERGENCY CALLS:  We attempt to provide all guest information in a clear,  concise, and thorough manner on our website, in our Check-in instructions, and in our Information Booklet. Our office is open during normal daytime office hours to accept walk-ins, emails, phone calls and respond to guest’s needs. Guests are emailed their self check-in instructions a few days prior to arrival and asked to review and print them out. Any questions/concerns should be addressed at that time. Guests arrive at all times day and night from all parts of the world. We are not a hotel/motel employing round the clock personnel so phone calls and emails will not be responded to outside of our regular business hours. 

EXTENDING YOUR STAY:  If you’d like to extend your stay, just ask! We will check availability for you. Please notify us at least 24 hrs. prior to check-out so housekeeping can be notified of new cleaning date.

FIRE PIT:  Skewers are inside fire pit and wood found in a container next to it. Never bring unit dishes, glasses, etc. outdoors which can be broken or lost. Buy paper cups, plates, etc. for outdoor eating/drinking. Clean fire pit immediately after use in respect for the next guest. Throw trash in appropriate cans in trash area located inside bamboo doors across from the pool.

FURNITURE/PERSONAL PROPERTY:  Never re-arrange our furniture or personal property or you will be held liable for damage to furniture/floor and/or walls. Never remove furniture or personal property from unit or exterior property.

GATES:  Always close and lock gates when you enter/exit. Never open gates to unauthorized individuals! Never use our landscaping rocks or any item as a doorstop to hold gates open. Failure to follow security measures violates the security of all guests.

HAIR COLORING:  Cosmetology services using dyes or chemicals that will stain our sink, shower, towels, etc. are not allowed. There are many salons in the area. If you already have coloring in your hair that stains, please bring your own hair towel.  
HOUSEKEEPING:  We do not provide maid service or replenish housekeeping items during your stay. This is how we keep our rates low for you and also respect guest privacy. 

INFORMATION BOOKLETS:  Each unit is provided with an Information Booklet which provides detailed information for our guests. Never deface, remove pages or booklet  from unit. 

KEYS:  Guests key to the EAST side guest entry/exit pedestrian gate (NOT the one entered upon arrival) with flashlight for night vision can be found hanging on the wall inside unit next to front door (only the Hawaiian Hut contains an additional key for the unit door.) Always take your key with you so you are not locked out! Make sure all keys and flashlight are on key ring and left in original location in unit when you  check out or registered guest will be legally responsible for all costs of emergency locksmith services including: re-keying locks, replacement keys for all persons who currently hold a key (and/or electric gate remote if applicable) which includes residents, employees, and utility companies. 

LAUNDRY: We provide an onsite coin laundry located inside the shed on the upper tanning deck area. The washer and dryer take 8 quarters each.The office can provide you with quarters in exchange for U.S. dollars, and also provide laundry detergent pods for 50 cents each and fabric softener sheets for 10 cents each. Never wash host provided items marked “DRY CLEAN ONLY” such as blankets, comforters, duvets, pillows, etc. Always clean up behind yourself in respect for the next guest. 
LEGAL DISCLOSURE:  Guests are “lodgers” not “tenants” and agree to abide by all terms/rules set forth. Owner/management reserves the right to refuse or terminate lodging with no advance notice and no refund in the event guest(s) become nit-picking, disruptive, unruly, problematic, demanding, violent or threatening to host or others. Acts of theft could result in a civil lawsuit, criminal charges, arrest, and imprisonment. Guests hold host/owner/management harmless against any and all legal action.

LOST AND FOUND:  We do not mail lost and found items but will hold items in our office for 30 days for pick-up.

MAIL:  Never have mail delivered through USPS as it will not be delivered and will be returned to sender! Only mail through delivery services such as UPS, Fed. Ex, etc. allowed. We do not sign for mail or accept responsibility for mail delivery left at gate. 

OUTDOOR LAMPS/HEATERS:  Always turn off after use.

PARKING:  Free unmetered street parking is provided. Never block our private driveway or neighbors driveways. Never block trash containers at curb or you will prevent the trash removal truck access! Never park “backwards.”

PETS:  Pets are always welcome with pre-approval and a refundable $100 pet deposit (certain breed restrictions due to liability issues.) Never enter common areas without dogs leashed in respect for other guests and due to liability issues. Never leave pets unattended in common areas. We recommend guests with pets book the Spanish Hacienda or Hollywood Loft, as both units have their own private back yard with pet relief area. Always pick up dog feces. Never leave small pets unattended in private back yard in the early morning hours or after dusk, as coyotes roam the area. No additional pets permitted without pre-approval. Professional pet sitting/boarding service referrals provided.

POOL:  No glass containers allowed in pool area. Never leave your pool towels/personal items behind or children unattended.

REFERRAL PROGRAM:  Much of our business is by referral from satisfied guests.  

REFUNDS:  We have a strict NO REFUND POLICY. This means no credit, no reimbursement, no cancellations, no switching dates, units, or guests for any reason whether due to injury or death, change of plans, flight problems, dissatisfaction with rental,  natural disaster aka “Acts of God,”  etc. NO EXCEPTIONS SO DO NOT ASK!

REVIEWS:  Reviews are very important to the success of our business. If you came through an agency that allows you to post a review on their website, once you post a positive review of your stay we will do the same for you.

SAFE:  A safe is provided for guests to lock up their valuables in each unit. Safe code is included in check-in instructions.

SECURITY DEPOSIT:  An advance refundable security deposit is required when booking any of our rentals. Any damage/theft/violations of rules/special services will be charged against security deposit at the dollar amount determined by owner.

SECURITY SYSTEM:  We have a 24/7 recorded live web cam surveillance system installed throughout the entire exterior property. There are no cameras inside units.

SMOKING:  All of our rentals are non-smoking units certified with the “Smoke-free Apartment House Registry” so smoking is restricted to outdoor only.  All rentals step out to own patio area with table, chairs and ash tray for your smoking convenience.

SPA:  The spa stays heated for your 24/7 use. No glass containers allowed in spa area. Always turn spa jets off and replace spa cover to keep hot for other guests. Never leave your spa towels/personal items behind. Never leave children unattended.

SPECIAL SERVICES:  Feel free to ask us about any special services desired and cost.

TOWELS:  Never hang towels, bathing suits, laundry, etc. in outdoor common areas such as wrought iron fences, gates, handrails, over chairs, etc. Guests in the Spanish Hacienda and Hollywood Loft may do so in their private back yard but not on the common fence between the two units. See “Laundry.”

TRASH:  Trash cans are located behind bamboo doors across from pool. Garbage goes in black can. Fill one black can before using 2nd black can. Paper and non-recyclable items go in blue can. NOTE: ONLY recyclable for cash aluminum cans/plastic and glass bottles go in the smaller blue can located outside of shed next to exit gate.) 

TV:  To turn TV on/off only push top left “TV” button on remote. Always use TV remote NOT side panel to turn TV on/off. If you connect  electronics to TV and change settings, set it back to original connection in respect for next guest. Electronic conversion is not included in housekeeping duties and is a special service charge.

UTILITIES:  Be energy efficient. Turn off utilities when you leave rooms or unit.

VISITORS:  NO UNREGISTERED GUESTS/VISITORS ARE ALLOWED TO ENTER PROPERTY without ADVANCE permission and payment at $10 per visitor per day (“per day” period begins at time of arrival to 11 AM)

WALK-THROUGH:  A walk-through is conducted and your security deposit refunded in the same form that it was paid within 48 hrs. after vacating unit. Cash deposits can be refunded by Paypal or USPS mail (within the U.S. only, unless provided SASE.)

WI-FI:  We provide free Wi-fi for our guests. No password is required.

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